About Me

I am Alamelu Mangai currently staying in massachusetts , boston .I am basically from Trichy (India) and  i done my bachelor's degree in Mookambigai,during my college days i use to help my mom in cooking.My mum love my carrot halwa. wen i made it 1st time it came out lovely. 

I got married, and that is when i started exploring my cooking skills ( may be to impress my husband, my in-laws ;-) wen they came to U.S ).  I am in boston with my husband. After i started blog i learned new recipes. 

 I am blogging since june 2009. 

I started cooking after I got married like everyone else. My cooking skills was not that good  in the beginning  i learned some simple tips from my husband.  I have tried many new dishes, watched lot of cooking vedios, collected new recipes and gathered several cookbooks from india. Now i started cooking good than i started ,  it reflected in my blog.

keep looking my my blog updates my friends..
keep posting ur comments and encourge me

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