Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rasgulla Recipe

  1. Milk (I used whole milk)-6 cups

  2. Lemon juice-1-2 tbps
  3. Sugar-1 cup
  4. Water-2 and 1/2 cups
  5. Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp

Method for paneer:
  1. Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat,making sure not to burn milk.
  2. Add lemon juice, stirring slowly and gently till cheese separates from the milk.

  3. Wash the paneer with cold running water to remove the lemon juice flavour
  4. Pour this in a cheese cloth and drain the water
  5. Squeeze out all the water from the paneer.To check if the paneer has reached the right consistency, take a little piece of paneer on your palm and rub with your thumb for 30-40 secs. After rubbing the paneer , you should be able to make a firm but smooth ball off it. If you cannot form balls, it means you will have to squeeze out more water from the paneer.

  6. Place paneer on a dry, clean surface and knead it for 9-10 minutes until it comes to a smooth and pliable dough consistency.

  7. Now make small balls remember, when they are cooked, they increase in volume, so don’t make them too big.

Method for Rasagullas:
  1. Take a pressure cooker and heat on medium high heat.
  2. Mix the sugar, water and few saffron strands in a pressure cooker and bring it to boil.
  3. Add the paneer balls and close with a lid.
  4. Make sure that the cooker is large enough to accomodate the rasgullas.
  5. Because the rasagullas will expand about double the size while cooking in the sugar syrup.
  6. When the first whistle comes then reduse the flame to medium low and cook for another 5-7 mins.
  7. Remove from flame and allow it to cool for sometime.
  8. Now transfer the rasgullas in a bowl.
  9. Then refrigerate for few hours before serving.
  10. Finally easy and tasty bengali kesar rasgulla is ready.
Serve the chilled rasgullas and enjoy the taste.

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