Monday, March 26, 2012

Ragda Patties

Ragda Patties is yet another chaat recipe from Mumbai. It is a Very famous indian snack & tasty evening snack which is enough to cover up your evening hunger need.This is the combination snack made with thick ragda, potato patty (Aloo Pattie) and variety of spicy chutneys is a delightful experience to taste in every spoon.
Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time:  
Ingredient For Ragda:
Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp
Sesame Seeds  2 tbsp
Asafoetida 1/8 tsp
Turmeric Powder  1/4 tsp
Curry Leaves   2 to 4 leaves 
Ginger  2 tsp chopped finely 
Garlic  3 to 4 cloves finely chopped 
Green Chilli  3 no finely chopped 
Onions  1 cup finely chopped 
Tomato  1 big finely chopped 
Coriander Powder  1 tsp
Chilli Powder 1 tsp
Cumin Powder 1/2 tsp
Lemon Juice  half lemon
Cilantro  for garnishing 
Salt to taste row 2, cell 2
Whole Dried White Peas   2 cup
Water   as needed
Oil  3 tbsp

Ingredient For Patties:
Potatoes  4 to 5 big nos
Boiled, Peeled & mashed  
Bread  4 nos
Lemon  2 tsp
salt  as needed.

Method For the Ragda:

Wash and soak the White peas overnight in water.
Rinse, drain the water  and add White Peas with some water (make sure use extra water otherwise it might burn at the bottom, this peas intake lots of water while cooking ) and add salt  & pressure cooker.

Let cook for 2 to 4 whistle, cook the peas ( could mash it with your spoon).Allow the pressure to go down by itself
Heat Oil in a pan.

Add Mustard Seeds and allow them to pop, add in Cumin Seeds
Add  Sesame Seeds and allow the Sesame Seeds to pop.
Add Turmeric Powder, Asafoetida and Curry Leaves. Mix it well.

Add Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilies and Onions. Mix. Allow Onions to become transparent.
Add Tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes until it mashed.
Add Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Chilli Powder and a little salt. Mix.

Pour in cooked White peas and bring to a boil. Additional water may be added to get desired consistency.
Garnish with Cilantro (Coriander Leaves) and Lime Juice.

Method for patties:

Boil, peel and mash Potatoes.
Take the white bread and cut around the crones which is brown color.

Now dip the bread in the water. and press it very hardly until it take's of all the water from the bread.
Now add the bread and lemon juice , salt.
Mix it very well.
Take a small portion and form a round and flat patty.
Shallow fry patties with a little oil and brown both sides.

Assemble Ready to eat Ragda Patties:
Place 1 to 2 patties in a flat bowl or dish.
Pour Ragda over patties.

Garnish with coriander chutney, Sweet chutney, Sev, chopped Onions , tomatoes and Cilantro.
Serve immediately.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beans Carrot Poriyal

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Green Beans  1/2 lbs.
Carrot  4 to 5 nos
Onion  1/2 cup
Mustard seeds  1 tsp
Urad dhal 1/2 tsp
Fennel seeds  1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder   1 1/2 tsp
coriander powder   1 tsp
Turmeric powder  1/2 tsp
salt as needed
curry leaves  as needed


Wash the beans and carrot, peel the skin of the carrot.
Cut the beans and carrot into small .
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Heat oil  in the pan.
Add mustard seeds, Once it pop it out.
Add fennel seeds, Urad dhal, curry leaves.
Now add the cut beans and carrot in it fry in the oil for 5 to 10 min.
Then add the Chilli powder , coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt to it.
Fry for few more min.
Now add little bit of water to it.
Cook until the water in done and oil spray out of the veg.
Serve it with samber.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vazhaipoo Vadai /Banana Flower vadai

Cleaning Vazhai poo is very time consuming process. So I buy thisVazhaipoo occasionally. 

Health Benefits : Taken from multiple sites..
Excellent  source of fiber.
Control excessive pain and bleeding during menstrual cycle.
Good during pregnancy .High in iron so they stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood .
A plaster  is prepared by beating  a ripe banana int o a fine paste . It can spread over burns and wounds and supported by the cloth bandage  in ancient  days. It gives immediate relief.

I usually make Poriyal and masala vadai .Vadai is my fav. Before you start to clean vazhai poo apply oil to your hand thats prevent  from turning  black nails and hands.
First remove the petals one by one , when you remove the 1st petal you can see a bunch of flowers in it.
Then clean it. Repeat this for all petals.Once you reach at the last end part of the flower, you can see we cant remove the petals, so you can cut it into small pieces .

Total Time: 1 hours
Preparation Time:  1/2 minutes 
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 3-4 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chicken Dum Briyani

Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in Hyderabad, India.
There are two ways to prepare Hyderabadi Biryani. One is, precooked meat method and the other is raw meat method. In both the methods, meat and half cooked rice are arranged in layers, and cooked until the rice and the meat are fully cooked. This Chicken Biryani is precooked meat method.
Whenever I make it is for my husband.He love briyani. It always turns out great. 
It takes such a short time to make. 

Total Time: 2 hours
Preparation Time: 30 minutes 
Cooking Time: 1 hour
Serves: 3-4

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tomato thokku / Thakkali thokku


Tomatoes   5
Red Chilli Powder   2 tbsp
Turmeric powder   1/4 tsp
Salt  as needed
fenugreek seeds (or) vendhayam   1 tsp

Temper :
Curry leaves 
 5 leaves 
Sesame oil   6 tbsp
 1 tsp
Asafoetida 1/4 tsp


Put the tomatoes in boiling water, and cook it  for 10 minutes.
Remove the skin. 

After it cools, put it in a blender and puree it.
Heat oil in a kadai , add mustard seeds, curry leaves and hing. 
When mustard splutters, add tomato puree, turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt required.

Cook covered in medium flame, stirring in between, till the mixture oozes out oil.
Add 1 tsp of roasted fenugreek powder and mix it. 

Store it in a bottle or container and refrigerate it. Always use dry spoon to take the thokku.
It taste best with curd rice , idly, dosa , Chapatti. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kidney beans Rice

Ingredient for Rice:

Basmathi Rice 2 cup
Bay Leaf 1
Cinamon Stick 1
Star anise 2
Cardomom 2
Cloves 2
Salt 2
Ghee 2
Lemon Juice  2 tsp
Black jeera 2 tsp

Ingredient for gravy:

Kidney Beans from the Can(cooked) 1 can (200gm)
Onion 1
Tomato 2
Tomato Puree 1 tsp
Chilli Powder 1 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Cumin powder 1/2 tsp
Garam masala 1/2 tsp
Oil 1 tblsp
Ginger garlic paste 1 tblsp
Corinder leaves for garnishing
Salt to taste

Method for rice:

Wash the Basmathi Rice and keep it aside for 20 Minutes.
Heat 1 tsp ghee add  Jeera & the whole garam masala.
Fry for a minute and now add the rice.
Fry the Rice for  2 minutes.
Now add lemon juice, salt with the rice.
Now 3 cup of water to rice.
Cook it in the rice cooker.
Now cool down the rice.

Method for gravy:

Heat the oil in a pan add jeera and add ginger garlic paste.
Now add the chopped onion fry until light brown.
Then add chopped tomato fry until the tomato mash.
Now add the puree and mix it well and add the chilli powder. coriander powder, cumin powder, Garam masala powder and mix it well.

Then add the can kidney beans(separate the water from the canned beans and have a quick rinse).
Pour some water and cook until it come into a gravy consistency.
Once desired consistency is achieved , add in the cooked  basmathi rice and mix them well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pori urundai

Puffed rice2 &1/2 cup
Jaggery 1/2 cup
Ghee  2 tsp


  •  Powder the jaggery and mix it with the water.
  • Heat the syrup till reach the consistency.
  • The consistency should be( wen u drop the syrup in water the syrup should dissolve in the water)
  • Now mix the puffed rice with syrup, grease the hand with ghee and roll tightly into a ball .(make sure it is not too hot)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black Chana pulao


Rice1 1/4 cup
Black channa dhal  3/4 cup
Oil  2 tbsp
Cloves 2
Cardomom 2
Cinnamon  2
Onion sliced1 1/4 cup
Tomato chopped 3/4 cup
Red chilli powder  2 tbsp
saltas needed

To Grind :
Gingersmall piece
Garlic  4 to 5 cloves
Green chillies  1
Coriander leaves  2 tbsp
Mint/Puthina leaves 2 tbsp
Coconut1 tbsp

Soak the channa/ chickpeas overnight.
Pressure cook the chana dhal with little salt.
Wash and soak the rice for about 30 minutes.

Heat oil in cooker, Add cloves, cinnamon and cardamom one by one. Add onions and tomato and saute for few mins.
Heat 1 tbps of ghee add thr rice fry it and keep it aside.

Grind all the ingredient TO GRIND.
Heat oil in tha pan add the spices, fry it .
Then add onion fry untill it transparent.
Now add tomatoe fry it well ,then add grinded masala and pressure cooked chana dhal and fry it for 5 -10 min.
Now add the water (for 1 cup rice add 11/2 cup of water) let it comes to boil.
Now add the rice

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Puffs


Grated coconut  2 cup
Grated cashew nut 1 cup
Pistachio 1 cup
Brown sugar 2 cup
Pastry sheet  1


Dry roast the cashwnut , pistachio.

In a heavy bottom pan combine coconut, dry roasted cashew, pista,brown sugar.

Fry it for 5 min until all mix well .

Now cut the pastry sheet into 4 equal parts.

Fill each sheet with the mixer.
And seal the side with the water.

Preheat the oven 375 degree.
Now arrange it in baking tray .

Bake approximately for 15 min until it turns light golden brown.